Barb B. Herd

Certified Health Coach

Welcome, my name is Barb Herd. Helping people live healthier, happier lives is very fulfilling for me. I work primarily with adults, in-person and online, to promote wellness in families, individuals, businesses, libraries, schools, and other organizations.

With my support, you will learn to make healthier choices for yourself and develop habits that work for YOU, that you can sustain.

I became interested in preventative health care and wellness after the passing of my mom from cancer, and then my first husband from a heart attack, who both died at a young age. I read everything I could get my hands on and started adopting many of the healthy habits that were consistently recommended and scientifically backed. I also became environmentally conscious and chose products that were safer and healthier options for me and my family, as I know that is part of overall wellness. After spending many years in the human resource field, primarily as a corporate trainer, I decided it was time to focus on wellness as a career and way of life. When I discovered the health coaching field, I was immediately intrigued and researched which programs were highly rated. Dr. Sears Wellness Institute was one of those very highly rated coaching programs, so I signed up to become a Certified Health Coach. I am currently finishing certification to be a Master Certified Health & Wellness Coach and am so thankful I decided to do this! I am excited to use the years of education, insights and skills I’ve gained from all of this, to help others on their wellness journey!

I can’t thank Barb enough for her support and guidance. Her warm and gentle-but-firm accountability style was super effective in helping me to identify and actually implement some important goals that made a real difference in my life! She patiently listened, helped me to identify some big, giant blocks that have been standing in my way, and guided me as I worked through them without judgement or shame. I am feeling more in control of my habits and can more easily realize when I’m going “sideways”. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Barb.

Bernadette S.